Need help with improving my team the concept one was the one I was thinking I could build but is there any other options or anything I can do to make my team better

2022.01.22 17:37 Competitive-Help-448 Need help with improving my team the concept one was the one I was thinking I could build but is there any other options or anything I can do to make my team better

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2022.01.22 17:37 Academic-Parsley-889 how does my starter house look?

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2022.01.22 17:37 Ducksauce749 Happiness is only increased by monetary gains when the increases wealth provides life’s essentials. All other monetary increases do not increase happiness and just provide more expensive belongings.

If one household makes $100,000 a year and another household makes $300,000 a year, many people would assume the household that makes more money would be happier. This just isn’t true. Sure the household with more income probably has more expensive vehicles and a fancier home, but those people are most likely just as happy in life as the lower income household. Both households have things they want that they can’t afford and that never really changes. People always want more and that’s just part of the human condition.
More money will not increase your level of happiness once you reach a certain income. Most people need food, shelter, transportation, health insurance, a job, a retirement fun, and a family to be happy. They also need a safety net just in case a catastrophe happens such as illness or job loss. Once those things are met, money no longer will make most people happier in their day to day lives.
Families living in lower income households could increase their level of happiness with more money. I’m not saying a poorer family can’t be happy, but the stressors of living in a lower income household are great enough that money could relieve some of that tension. For example, when someone in a lower income family is diagnosed with an illness, a question they might ask is: how the hell are we going to pay for this? Not having those worries and that stress increases overall happiness.
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2022.01.22 17:37 ZoobBot 202607

This is the 202607th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.22 17:37 ironicmatchingpants Should I be asking about my boyfriend's past relationships and what led to the break ups?

I was just wondering if it is fair to ask my boyfriend questions regarding his previous girlfriends in order to learn about what his past experiences have been like or if there are any hang-ups from that time that I would need to work around to help along the longevity of our current relationship? I would be happy to answer whatever questions he may have in return.
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2022.01.22 17:37 iAmDoneTryingAnother Cunning Wolf Society is coming to the Metaverse. Real utility. Real community. Real Wolves. Join today for a chance to win one of the 500 remaining Whitelist spots.

Processing img 7d77zlnh4ad81...
After William, Duke of Normandy defeated the vikings in 1066, the viking culture died as well. With that, came the death of Odin himself, leaving his two wolf guards, Geri and Freki, to fend forthemselves. Realising they stand no chance among the new Gods, they came down to Earth and made sure to leave descendants behind...
Welcome to Cunning Wolf Society! The Society is home to 8008 NFT ERC-721 Wolf identities living in the Metaverse, their consciousness hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Each identity is unique and algorithmically generated from over 170 possible traits. Some Wolves are more rare, but all are uniquely dope.
He doesn't bite... sometimes
We are project heavily focused on people, with a vision that includes an on-chain data analysis software for the NFT market, we take pride in the quality of our work and the community we've gathered around these magnificent Wolves.
Also, we still have around 500 Whitelist spots left to give, so make sure to take advantage of the miriad of contests taking place right now, including a Discord engagement contest where you can win a Whitelist spot by leveling up!
Come join us!
Discord: Website: Twitter:
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2022.01.22 17:37 Discowarlock I guess I'll just stay here then

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2022.01.22 17:37 mjsielerjr JS+Phaser a good fit for intermediate level programmers looking to make a simple 2D game?

Hi there,
A colleague and I have been asked to make a really simple game to communicate some basic scientific concepts to elementary/middle school aged kids. Essentially, they’ll take care of a fish, and see how different inputs result in different health outcomes for the fish.
Between the two of us we are intermediate-level programmers in python and R, beginners in C++, html/CSS. We understand and apply the concepts of OOP in our code. However we have little to no experience with JavaScript.
We are trying to find a programming language that is 1) flexible enough to be deployed on a browser either on desktop/mobile devices, and 2) have good enough documentation/tutorials that we could conceivably build/deploy a game in 3 months.

From my own quick research, JS+Phaser appears to fit those two criteria, but I’d be curious to hear people’s experiences or opinions on the matter.
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2022.01.22 17:37 Mysscandy Watching The Office for the first time — just discovered my favourite scenes :’)

Hey there ! So I’m watching the series for the very first time, after having been convinced by my boyfriend who watched it… well too many times to count. So far I’m at season 3, and I have to say— episode 13 had me have a laughter attack. [SPOILERS IN COMING] I just loooove Jim and Pam, they’re my everything. So let’s just say Jim makes me laugh very easily and well, seeing him literally mistreat Dwight two times in a row just killed me. The way Dwight’s head just poof in Jim’s car seat AND Jim’s expected yet so savage slap was too much for me, I mean I had to rewatch those scenes 3 times to try and really get the giggles out because I couldn’t get over it.
What about you? Do you have any favourite scenes from the first three seasons??
Take good care guys!
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2022.01.22 17:37 Electrical_Task6351 Market down bought 400B luffy 🥳🤪

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2022.01.22 17:37 JagerJack7 Iranians on this sub, after posting their daily unironic joke about Azerbaijan being part of Iran

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2022.01.22 17:37 Pure_Astronaut_4316 Poured melted chocolate ON HANDS

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2022.01.22 17:37 AutumnLantern Beginners' guide to Wixoss. From a starter deck to winning tournaments

I've decided to make a pretty in-depth resource here since it seems like about 2-3 times a week people are asking how to upgrade starter decks, where should they go for winning decklists, ect. My goal is to basically just make a one-stop thread that can be reposted and shared whenever anyone needs answers. To the mods... if possible can this be pinned?
At some point, I'll make this a topic of my podcast, Wixoss, the LifeBurst and go over getting into the game and how to get more out of it.
Feel free to ask questions below, and I'll give more details on things. I'm going to try to keep this post less detailed, and more of a table of contents of finding other resources since the community is great.
How to start from nothing? The first resource to start with is this wiki page, which gives an overview of the game. After that, I'd take a look at this video explaining how to play the diva live format (the English version). It's a long video but explains most of what you need to know. Slow it down, rewatch it, use it as a guide.
Secondly... USE THE WIKI. That thing has pretty much all the information you could ever want to know, even future sets!
Might want to check this out too for the quick rules of the game and where to place the cards on the field.
After you have a basic understanding of the game. BUY STARTER DECKS. Unlike most card games, half the cards you need to play competitively are in the starter decks. Hopefully, your local game store has starter decks, there are plenty of online card stores selling it.
The different starter decks have different kinds of gameplays. Generally speaking:

I've started playing now, but where do I go from here to learn how to be better? The quick 2 ways are the following:
  1. Read the actual rules and faq. This will help you understand the weird parts of the game like double crush or milling.
  2. The discord. There are people there that have been playing since before this game was in English. I would do pretty much all of the above first before jumping in and asking things because the older players get tired of answering the same question over and over.
After that, you can start following some of these awesome communities content creators. Again, some of these guys have been doing stuff BEFORE the game existed in the US they are awesome to follow. Here's a list.
  1. Me! Wixoss- Life Burst (name pending)- A podcast with my wife and me. We focus on the higher-end competitive side of the game. How to level up your playing with game concept as well as single-deck break downs.
  2. Phillup- Does gameplay deck breakdowns and news. I've also seen him do translations of the Japanese videos and live streams
  3. TCG Academia- He doesn't just do Wixoss, but it's featured a lot. He goes over many of tcg games, and that helps level you up as a player overall.
  4. Re:play Works- He mostly goes over deck techs, gameplay and has some vlogs too.

I want to be competitive now, how do I start? Again, I'd suggest listening into my podcasts as I put them out since I'll be going over a lot of the nitty-gritty of this, but in a nutshell, you should do the following:
Upgrading the deck-
Probably what most of you are here for. You want sample lists to net deck, or at least use as a starting off point. I'm going to crush that idea right now. The community is too small to have the "best lists" so easily. That being said, most of the community agrees some cards are better than others. You can watch deck techs, or use my sample lists in the next section as a jumping off point... but its more important to look for commonly played cards rather than tech cards.
Start going Tournaments-
Check this site for a list of shops running events. Wixoss Parties, this will help you get better at the game and a group of people to talk to to "level up"
Use the Online Deck Builder-
Eu Site has a deck builder. Its not great, but it has a data base of currently existing cards you can filter with. Thats worth alot. It will help you plan future builds that you can use to try and win with.
Now I want to win tournaments. How do I get the best chance to do that? My Wife and I generally place in top 4 of all the events we go to. I'm only stating this as a way to say "I dont know if this method will work for you, but it worked for us." We basically do a combo of 'research' and practice.
As far as research goes, it's basically broken up into 3 parts.
  1. We look at other games and compare them to wixoss. I was a regular at MTG gp level events, and have been infinite at hearthstone and mtg limited for decades. I use ALOT of what I know from other card games to this one because there isn't a lot of resources out there that explain the advanced game concepts.
  2. We look ahead. Japan is 1 year ahead of us. Their winning decklists are here. That being said, I wouldn't rely on this too hard. Covid hit between set 00 and 03, and Japan's restrictions are tough so theres barely any results during that time. Plus you need to use google translate, and then look at the terrible twitter pictures and use card art and the wiki to decode the decklists.
  3. I pay attention to the local's decks... like alot. As they play I watch and make a mental list of the cards they are running. When they say things like "this card is amazing. It won me this" I remember that, even if I disagree. This game barely has set decklists, so knowing what is commonly played means I know what to prep against.
And then there is practice. It helps... A LOT I have a good partner to constantly play against. The thing we did was buy a literal metric ton of sleeves, and print proxy decks. 2 different kinds, optimized and not optimized.
Optimized- The following lists are what I put together based on what I think high-level good players are playing and what japan winning lists have trended to. Note: some decks are better than others, but all are playable.
Hirana Mono Red
Card Jocky Aggro
Musica Midrange
Uchu no Hajimari Control
At Stompy
Tawill Mono Red
Toko Recursion
The less optimized decks are basically these, but I pull cards out for ones I see commonly played by people. Helps so I'm never too surprised by a weird tech choice. The other reason we swap up this is plainly... while I'm blessed with someone I can play against, we as people, have bais to certain gameplay. So we try and make weird choices sometimes to mirror other people and learn from it.
My living room is just set up with printed-out decks in sleeves so we can grab it and play. Easy as that.
I want to follow the story, how? A bit of a bonus here... But I like the animes! Theres 3 different series:
  1. Selector Infected- (funimation/crunchyroll) 2 seasons. Its a dark story about selectors playing wixoss with wishes on the line.
  2. Lostorage- (funimation/Crunchyroll) 2 seasons, but the first season currently has some licenencing issues. Also a dark story about the selectors after the first series.
  3. Diva Live- A decidedly NOT dark story, thats more like an idol anime now. Its about No Limit as they try to become the best divas in Wixoss Land.
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2022.01.22 17:37 washyourvaginaplease 2008 vw rabbit 4 door - Is $500 enough for a nice stereo?

i listen to technical black/death metal. the crazy fast shit. i want to be able to hear every detail
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2022.01.22 17:37 Knightros_Asscheeks CDC: Natural immunity stronger than vaccines alone during delta wave

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2022.01.22 17:37 AdditionalSeesaw8790 برگه هام🗿

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2022.01.22 17:37 Ima_Funt_Case DPS: Woman charged with DWI following alleged beating by EPPD officer was not intoxicated

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2022.01.22 17:37 guitarguy314 Republica de Cuba 1869 5 Pesos - Apparently issued in New York?

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2022.01.22 17:37 njedikush1 eeeej kush ishte ai q boni ban n discord m.

se kisha pa fare.
sad life. kjo ndodh kur cerri behet mod.
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2022.01.22 17:37 daspelirrojo Dayton KY changes it's name to "Who Deyton"

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2022.01.22 17:37 black_kaiser19 How i can reset a npc?

Let me explain I killed an npc for accident And with comands i revived him But now he doesn‘t move, he just stands there Starring at me Knowing what i have done Its there any way to solve that?
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2022.01.22 17:37 TheRealJacc [mobile] Crazy luck today! 3 shiny bulbasaurs? my luck is insane🤣😜

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2022.01.22 17:37 Old_Truth6995 K.A.R.D Don`t Recall cover dance Waveya

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2022.01.22 17:37 someotherguyinNH Does it matter where your carbs come from?

So can you eat something like sugar in your coffee so long as you do not go over 20 g of carbs a day?
I stay under 20 carbs a day and have been drinking coffee with Splenda and not enjoying it and it just occurred to me that maybe I could have sugar so long as I continue to stay under 20 carbs a day and adjust other places. I would like to use one tsp of sugar in my coffee which is 4 g of carbohydrates. I can make sure I stay within 16 carbs the rest of the day without issue.
I figure it should not matter as long as I stay under 20 per day but just want to make sure There's not some reason I don't know of that makes it a bad idea.
I would note I'm completely sugar free otherwise.
Been doing keto for a week now I just need to lose 30 pounds or so so far so good. I was on it for longer in the past and lost a good deal more weight. Got some nasty habits lately.
Thx all good luck with your efforts.
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2022.01.22 17:37 F4ISKYR0SY My OTP, bcuz of that one scene.

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