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Anna Zinoveva

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2022.01.22 17:45 dangerous_victory Saturday Morning Rollerblading TV

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2022.01.22 17:45 imanbrooks Todd Howard campion mod?

We need a mod that allows Todd Howard to become your companion. If there is one please link to it in the comments.
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2022.01.22 17:45 Tibulski Russian Antifa poster about NKVD

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2022.01.22 17:45 PFyre Where should we go for an winter activity holiday in Europe? (see text)

So we had to cancel a beach holiday (with my husband, parents and daughter) at the start of UK lockdown and BA gave us our flights back as a voucher which expires April 2023, to the value of £1065; I'm having difficulty finding a similar summer holiday to the same location which doesn't double that.
I'm therefore inclined to refund my parent's half to them in cash and use the voucher towards an awesome winter holiday for my husband, myself and my (by then) 3yr old. However, I'm going to be forced to pick from flights+hotels from the BA website to make use of the voucher.
I'm hoping to fly no more than 3hrs from London Gatwick/Heathrow with 1hr transfer at the destination.
I'm looking for nearby family friendly activities like (listed from most important to least important):
- dog sledding
- skidoos/snowmobiles
- sleigh rides
- regular sledding
- family friendly skiing
We can travel any month between now and the end of April 2023.
Obviously these activities are only accessible from certain locations - so I'm wanting advice on which places I should look at travelling to for easy access.

(NB. If money were no object I'd book us for a Lapland Experience with all the above and a visit with Santa and a stay in a glass igloo hotel besides.)
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2022.01.22 17:45 I_Have_Massive_Nuts Hair goes through the upriser torso cosmetic

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2022.01.22 17:45 Min4617 4am huh? That’s believable

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2022.01.22 17:45 Strange_Pen_ Krytac Build

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2022.01.22 17:45 Seamus_M What happens to a brain-damaged devil after it dies?

So I have a succubus that that has been brain damaged to the point of thinking that she's the mother of a human baby. In reality, the baby is one of many. She's been taking care of lost children (or "lost" children) for over 100 years, forgetting about him/her after the child gets to be about 6 years old. She then drifts off to find some other baby to raise as her own, truly believing that it is her own.
The succubus is brain damaged due to having a strong relationship with another being that has been (imperfectly) wiped from existence.

So what happens when this succubus dies and is returned to the Nine Hells? Does she just revert to some previously stable version of herself? Or does the brain-damage persist? Are there any permanent wounds that devils can experience (besides the ones that completely destroy them)?
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2022.01.22 17:45 Various-Space-680 old school college athletics grey champion tshirt?!?

In the mid 90's my roommate was on the football team and used to be swimming in grey shirts that werw given out for workouts and practice - they were the most amazing material and stupidly comfortable. They were definitely Champion with the small "C" on the sleeve. Somewhere between light and dark grey, very soft, I'm fairly sure mostly cotton as they would get soaking wet during a run or workout. When damp the grey became much darker. I've looked for these shirts again over the last couple years or so without luck. I've tried pretty much every Champion tshirt i can find, and they're all either too thin (like an undershirt) or too thick (almost stiff, heavy or scratchy). The shirts I'm thinking of were very, very soft. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, is there a specific name for them? Any lines on where I can pick up a bunch?
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2022.01.22 17:45 BloCut IRyS IRyS IRyS...

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2022.01.22 17:45 Excellent_Till5031 FM Tips 🤞

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2022.01.22 17:45 Moviecartographer Tarzan the Ape Man (1932)

Zedd MAP: 76.20 / MLZ MAP: 71.95
IMDb / Wikipedia?wprov=sfti1) / Official Trailer / 500moviesorbust
A trader and his daughter set off in search of the fabled graveyard of the elephants in deepest Africa, only to encounter a wild man raised by apes.
What a strange little pre-code film - on the one hand, we’ve an exciting adventure - movies were expanding our ability to travel around the globe, even if just in the chairs of the theater for a couple hours. Prior to the picture show we might see still pictures, drawings, or theatrical productions that depicted far off, exotic lands. Naturally, books could take their readers anywhere the imagination could go but that’s not really “first hand” experience. Movies such as Tarzan showed us animals running in the wilds where zoos can’t take us. What I’m getting at is the early movies allowed people a glimpse of the world most wouldn’t have a reference too, an ability to see, or simply gave some education related to places they’d never even dreamt of.
On the other hand, what did the studio do with that control of information? Well, that’s not exactly pretty is it? Natives are either foolishly stupid or fiercely savage. Animals were often mistreated, injured, or even killed. Tarzan the Ape Man recycled shots taken from the film Trader Horn from the year before that openly abused animal. There are other scenes that modern audiences would cringe over - black-faced pygmies and white traders taking a whip to “lazy” natives hired to carry supplies.
In the most dazzling bit of dialogue between the leader of the troupe hoping to find a fortune in ivory at an elephant graveyard, James Parker and his fetching daughter, Jane - she’s trying to convince her father that Tarzan is just like them.
James Parker: I can’t make it out. How did he get here?
Jane: What does it matter? He’s happy and… At least he was until… Oh father, did you hear his cry when that ape got shot? He’d probably never been unhappy before.
James: My dear, he’s not like us.
Jane: He’s white.
James: Whether white or not, those people, living a life like that… they’ve no emotions. They are hardly human.
Wow, just wow. A trait I share with a lot of people on the autistic spectrum is laughing at inappropriate times - it usually surfaces when something makes me uncomfortable. We had to pause the movie I was laughing so loudly. I know this “hardly human” was a common view, historically speaking, but yet I was caught so completely off guard my brain misfired and cued “laugh manically”. It’s when you see these sorts of passages in old films you see how vicious the people pushing back on CRT are now. I’m not looking to get into a political debate or let these antiquated beliefs over take the write up but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least warn people they were present.
Ok, what of the film. I can let most of what I cringed through go - the film is a product of its age. There’s little use getting triggered. The movie is billed as an adventure and so it was adventuresome. I found myself leaning into the fantasy and even (correctly) laughing at our jungle full of spaced oak trees, obvious trapeze “vines”, and tall men in gorilla suits.
It’s 1932, it was the best they could do. I’ve spoken of the absolute realism of modern CGI and the digital backlot many times but if I’m being honest - even with (badly) utilized rear projection scenes and the other, now laughable, effects in the film, I felt my imagination kicking in. It’s my expressed opinion that imagination such as this leads to a deeper feeling of immersion than when it’s all computer perfect. I simply don’t feel the same connection or interaction without it. A case of the flawed effects need my brain to work and thereby the story becomes more internalized. It’s exactly the sort of thing I might try to explain to someone half my age and I watch their eyes glaze over… ok crazy man, watch your old movies. For the record, not all younger people, just some (wink wink - you know who you are).
Mrs. Lady Zedd enjoyed the fact that she was near the beginning of the jungle adventure phase of films and Maureen O’Sullivan was “cute as a button” as Tarzan’s main squeeze. There were other, earlier jungle films and even earlier films featuring Tarzan but this unexpected hit started a long chain of sequels. She finds the depiction of “natives” worrisome, naturally, and found the scenes of animals being shot more brutal than she expected but overall, she enjoyed the film.
So, modern politics and old movies not mixing well? Sheesh, it happens right? It’s wrong to judge by modern standards but equally wrong to not call out the problems. I judge on the era of a film and make note on the other, it’s the best compromise I can make. Then I just movie on - what else is there?
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2022.01.22 17:45 jobsinanywhere Blackburn Rovers vs Middlesbrough prediction, preview, team news and more

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2022.01.22 17:45 GordonBStinkley The current format of service missions

I'm marking this is spiritual mostly because I don't want it to become a bunch of comments masturbating to or against the church. But if love to hear thoughts from all perspectives.
I have a family member coming home early from his mission and will instead do a service mission based from home. My first thought was that it was awesome. I highly endorse the idea of a service mission over a proselyting mission and is love to see the church make the change. But as I heard the details of how the service mission works, alarm bells started going off in my brain.
Here's the good:
1) he will spend his time working either at the temple or with a local Catholic charity. This to me is was say better than trying to convert people with sales tactics.
Here's what is setting off alarm bells for me:
1) he'll be living at home. I'm half in half with this one. I think coming home is probably a good thing in the short term until he can get things figured out.
2) he'll be going to his local ysa ward. But he'll be wearing a name tag. And he can't participate in some of the activities. It's one thing to not participate in ward parties as a missionary because you are in a new place with new people and you have other missionaries in the same boat. There's a sort of team effort with the comradery that missionaries have. With service missionaries, you don't have that. You are pretty much alone with your restrictions.
3) he'll be doing this for 1.5 years if all goes according to plan. That's an insanely long time to be in forced social isolation. If it were a couple months, then great. But I can't possibly see how this situation could be good for anybody for that length of time.
I just can't help but feel like the idea of this is good, but the execution is bad enough that is going to do more damage than good.
I can't speak for the effects that depression can have on a person, so I don't think I'm in a position to suggest how to help, but I'm having a hard time believing this is it.
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2022.01.22 17:45 bilbo_bag_holder customer at work was diagnosed with cancer in December and missed appointments etc because of the poor service they receive

I see a lot of depressing shit at work (customer services role) but this one really got me in the feels. Long story short, my company provides internet services to people, his email services have been down due to a problem with our systems. This has led to him missing important emails from the hospital which has obviously caused him immense stress. what's worse is there is no dedicated complaints teams to handle things like this and the managers only care about numbers. unfortunately his concerns will likely be ignored and lost in a sea of other complaints.
All I could do was apologize, refer it to a colleague and hope for the best. really made me feel empty for the rest of the shift. money has more value than life in the system we were born into. Fuck.
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2022.01.22 17:45 Out_Of-Context When Your Girlfriend Questions Your Sexuality

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2022.01.22 17:45 Raffa47 I had my first lucid dream!

So basically I tried every technique that existed, I've tried MILD, WILD, FILD, RAUSIS, you name it, but none of them worked. These last two weeks especially, I didn't have any dreams at all. I didn't sleep enough because I would always go to bed at 3 AM and woke up at 6:30 AM, and, since I sleep with a smartwatch, I saw that my quality of sleep was decreasing and my REM sleep was almost nonexistent. Today I took a nap because I was tired AF, and I slept for 5 whole hours. First I had kind of a Nightmare, I don't remember what happened but there probably was like a scary figure, and then I woke up. When I did, though, I saw that my brothers who were napping with me weren't there, and there was too much light even though the curtains were closed. So I checked my hands and I had 8 fingers and my palms were black, and I knew I was lucid. I was scared though that the figure would come so I tried to wake up by thinking about my body. Next time, I'll try to not be scared and to be completely lucid!
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2022.01.22 17:45 crustyfishstix The boys are looking sharp en route to KC. #BusinessTrip #FlyHigh https://www.buffalobills.com/photos/suited-up-bills-travel-to-face-kansas-city-divisional-round#9184a6a9-4d08-4a8e-aa8d-4869cd015a2a

The boys are looking sharp en route to KC. #BusinessTrip #FlyHigh https://www.buffalobills.com/photos/suited-up-bills-travel-to-face-kansas-city-divisional-round#9184a6a9-4d08-4a8e-aa8d-4869cd015a2a submitted by crustyfishstix to buffalobills [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:45 gokhaleUrself Typhlosion on me 9792 6345 2402

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2022.01.22 17:45 idiotj Not a big title but still a nice little find for $10

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2022.01.22 17:45 invalidexcuse_56 I made a bathroom!!

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2022.01.22 17:45 NewsElfForEnterprise Rapid COVID-19 Tests Aren't Free to Some People Who Might Need Them the Most

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