WIN an amazing selection of goodies worth £300!! (01/28/2022) {WW}

2022.01.22 17:17 Venom_2k2 WIN an amazing selection of goodies worth £300!! (01/28/2022) {WW}

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2022.01.22 17:17 jarekx Oceanblock - Plant Gatherer bugged?

So, range addons are only working on the first 'cycle' when i put them into the machine. If i removed it and add it back'll harvest all the crops but then get stuck again after that. Any fixes? I guess i could go back to hopping bonsais but i just wanted to play with the growth crystals from Mystical Ag.
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2022.01.22 17:17 majic8balll Guy playing dead and accusing ME of being racist for trying to help

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2022.01.22 17:17 JeppeTheKing66 Halo Infinite not launching

When I try to start the game nothing happens however in steam it says the game is running. I looked it up in the task manager and the game was there but there was 0% activity.
I have tried everything I can think of like verifying game files and reinstalling the game but nothing works.
Anyone who can help?
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2022.01.22 17:17 Anonymousz__ NFT SECRET PROJECT ORGVSM

Hello guys! I'm here to talk about this new project that I discovered in Italy, made by an awarded fashion brand named ORGVSM. It's a new project that is in its early phase and now it's opened only for a few lucky members so it's the right moment to be a part of. What offers you this project? An NFT with a lot of utilites like: special pass for evening parties during fashion event in the most important fashion poles like Milano, NYC and etc..., passive income from the "Meta-Store" of the brand in the Metaverse, and a lot of more special stuff! I can't spoil everything now but if you are interested and want to know more you can enter in the official discord server where you can find the roadmap of the project and a lot of guys that invest in crypto and nft for living that you can ask everything you have doubt for!
Server discord link:
verification code: UfKjQHNsMD
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2022.01.22 17:17 Ok_Narwhal9013 Russia/Ukraine

I got caught up in all the articles' mess. I don't get what is happening there; can someone explain if Russia is really acting upon its word and is getting ready to invade Ukraine??? Or is reddit is exacerbating matters???
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2022.01.22 17:17 Ok_Let_1528 Exotics

How many exotics of each category do you guys keep? 2 of each or do you just keep one in each category and dedicate all the elixirs to that one animal?
Also is their a substantial benefit to only giving the desert elixirs to the desert animals? What is I have it to like a snow exotic?
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2022.01.22 17:17 Tieshuu instate mech. Engineering UCSD, UCSB, UCLA, UCBERKLEY

Applying to: UCSB, UCSD, UCLA, UCI, UCDavis, ucberkley Major: Mechanical Engineering
GPA: W 4.31, UW 3.97>>>> Will be 4.4 W with midterm report. 4.54 UC Gpa
Demographic: Latina, woman. Calinformia public high school. Middle class
AP: 12 total
10: seminar+Euro
11:research, apUSH, calc ab, Lang, environmental
12: geography, gov (first semester), macro econ (second semester), calc bc, lit
-how I’m in lvoe wiht math (10/10) -being part of the 3 cultures (8/10) -Writing as my best skill (7/10) -uplifting community member (6/10)
-Club volleyball freshman and sophomore and senior year
-Indoor volleyball freshman (frosh), sophomore (jv), and senior (varsity) for school
-beach volleyball (school+club program) junior year. Varsity Beach VB
-summer camp going into freshman year and then freshman-sophmore year summer in Poland with a team that placed 3 nationally for the 2004 age group. (I got to be a guest participant and train 3-4 hours a day for 2 weeks)
-club soccer freshman and sophomore year
-School soccer: Freshman+sophmore JV (note: I got injured both times so only played half the season)
-Youth orchestra: freshman+sophomore year, I played the violin
Hobbies: -needle thatting -painting -sewing -hiking
-Debate: Juniosenior year
-Starbucks: since end of July 2021
-Civil Air Patrol: from January 2021 to August 2021
-Coaches choice (Beach VB for school)
That's all :)
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2022.01.22 17:17 Muted_Bluejay_6492 I'm sick and tired of people calling western society an oppressive patriarchy

What irritates me the most is that these people were born and raised here and have no concept of true oppression and suffering.
I grew up in Syria and moved to Germany three years after the war started. I am also gay, and I left Islam a few years back. Hearing people talk about racism, sexism, homophobia and whatnot and how the west is so oppressive was surprising at first and became annoying. If it ever came out that I'm gay and an ex muslim in Syria I would at least face criminal charges if not get killed by my family.
People here are talking about systemic racism when a word for "black person" used colloquially in arabic literally means slave/ servant. Racism and prejudice are much more present there than it is here, mostly concerning white, black and Indian people. (Source: I lived there)
And so called modern "feminists" complain about oppression of women when in other countries women aren't allowed to drive, initiate a divorce or call the police for domestic abuse. I mean women literally have to have a man accompanying them to enter Saudi Arabia, like wtf?! That's oppression!
As far as I'm concerned the notion that the west is oppressive comes from a position of privilege where the person lacks the perspective to see how good their life is compared to 100 years ago or to a non western country today.
So instead of thinking that because you were bullied in school for being gay the west is oppressive, think about gay people being thrown off roofs, put in jail or being executed. Instead of fight against "islamophobia", fight against the killing of apostates and oppression of Christians and Jews in Muslim countries.
PS: this is not my main account, I don't want stuff like this where I'm just angry to be associated with my main account. This is also why it has only 1 karma
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2022.01.22 17:17 Embarrassed-Lion8566 Talking Angela, usw.. Wie kann es sein, dass Leute denken, es sei ein Hacker?

Wie im Titel schon steht, geht es um die Spiele von Outfit7. Ben,Angela, usw. - Wie kann es sein, dass Leute es noch glauben,dass ein "Hacker" in den Augen sitzt. Das waren doch 2012 Gerüchte. Vorallem, warum sollte ein Hacker sich zeigen und eine App ohne Kamera Berechtigung- wie will diese einen sehen? Bruh
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2022.01.22 17:17 honestlyhavenoidea45 I’m clever so I uploaded this before with no pic! Here’s my attempt at making a dress for Caroline with no sewing skills, money or patience!

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2022.01.22 17:17 Terrazard I just got an ascendent pump blueprint how can I get a lot of polymer for it?

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2022.01.22 17:17 Morgan-992 They provide the perfect nest and are especially great for dogs who enjoy burrowing down under the covers. They also provide a place for a dog to call its own, which is highly recommended to all dog owners. SIZES : XS : ( 11,02 * 14.96 Inch) - for dogs under (2,2 lbs) S : ( 14.96 * 18.9 Inch) -

They provide the perfect nest and are especially great for dogs who enjoy burrowing down under the covers. They also provide a place for a dog to call its own, which is highly recommended to all dog owners. SIZES : XS : ( 11,02 * 14.96 Inch) - for dogs under (2,2 lbs) S : ( 14.96 * 18.9 Inch) - submitted by Morgan-992 to McrOne [link] [comments]

2022.01.22 17:17 YellowTheFellow Cat.

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2022.01.22 17:17 linuxbuild Newest desktop of the day with BSD: Dell 0NNNCT A01 (Precision 3630 Tower)

Newest desktop of the day with BSD: Dell 0NNNCT A01 (Precision 3630 Tower) HW: Intel Xeon E-2236 CPU, Nvidia graphics, 4 memory modules (4 x Samsung M391A4G43MB1-CTD 32GB), 2 drives (Seagate ST400FP0021 400GB, WDC WD1002FBYS-05A6B0 1TB).
System: GhostBSD 21.08.27
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2022.01.22 17:17 Cocao_Nibs Adventures of Horok Ra - Chapter 6

Horok's last day as a free man had ended with him cold, wet, and covered in dirt. 'How fitting is it, then,' he angrily thought, 'that my first day in the Petrograd Battalions is ending the same way?'
In the final hour or so of their rotations, the light drizzle had turned to a downpour. Unfortunately for Horok, his squad had to finish out their rounds with a half-hour of entrance guarding.
The man had filled most of this time with cursing the designers of the hospital for not including a wider awning, doing his best to not anger Isa, and occasionally stealing glances at Aka. The woman had drank like a fish for almost the entire time they'd been on patrol, and she could now barely stand unaided. The scene of her leaning on Kai's shoulder for support was something that Horok found deeply amusing.
The whining turbines of a convoy of Imperial armored transports heralded the end of their rotation. The metal beasts' powerful roof-mounted lights cut through the rainy night as they barreled down the street, coming to a screeching halt before the building. Their rear doors swung open and out spilled a motley assortment of troops - the night guard.
Horok and Isa both began to dash for the nearest vehicle, eager to get out of the downpour, before Kai's piercing voice made them freeze in their tracks. "You two! Come back here!" She shouted. "We're assigned to the third car from the entrance! You've got to get Aka loaded up into it!"
The woman's drunken state was far less funny now that Horok had to cooperate with Isa to maneuver her massive frame over to the waiting transport. Though her build and height were both fairly standard for a Shil'vati of the Imperial Armed Forces, that still meant that she was easily a hundred-and-twenty kilograms in weight and nearly two-and-a-half meters in height. More important, however, was the fact that she had virtually zero coordination to her movements.
This lack of coordination was the reason why Horok was drenched, cold, and coated in mud. As he and Isa guided the woman to the waiting transport, Aka suddenly went limp and fell forward, taking her two far-lighter comrades with her as she collapsed, face-first, into a deep puddle.
'It's a lot less funny,' Horok complained to himself as he and Isa hauled the massive woman back onto her feet, 'when you're covered in mud and your fur's drenched, you are standing in an almost-freezing downpour, and this bitch won't stop giggling her drunk ass off about hydraulic booster pumps, or whatever!'
Finally, they managed to half-drag, half-carry the inebriated officer to the rear doors of the armored car. With one final heave, Horok and Isa deposited the woman onto the floor of the troop compartment, before themselves clambering in. The bench seats were just as uncomfortable as the ones in reclaimed Human tech, if not worse, but they sure beat standing in the pouring rain. That the compartment was heated was a bonus.
As they tried to get comfortable, they were joined by Kai, who gracefully leapt up into the rear compartment, slamming the door shut behind her as she went. "We're all set!" She called into the vehicle's intercom. "You're clear to roll!"
The armored car lurched forward, filling Horok's ears with coil whine. Of course, that didn't stop Kai from giving out orders.
"When we get back to the Station," she shouted over the din, "all three of you are going down to the shower block. I know that you are probably hungry, but you are all dirty, plus Aka needs to sober up a bit."
"And, as a bonus, you will skip the wait for the shower blocks and the meal line!" She exclaimed, when she was met with sour glares from Horok and Isa. "Come on, it won't be that bad! Just load her up into a stall, crank the heat up to the max, and leave her there to get her bearings. You two don't have to wait for her; it won't take long!"
Neither of the two were particularly happy with this arrangement, but both shared a desire to not go against their commanding officer. So, as their armored transport finally returned to the relative safety of the base, they begrudgingly hoisted Aka off the metal floor.
It is truly marvelous, what the promise of a hot shower and a meal can do for the morale of a cold, dirty, and hungry soldier. With newfound strength, Horok and Isa carried the now-barely-conscious woman out of the vehicle, through the stinging rain, and into the shelter of Station Four. From there, they did their best to navigate the halls of the building; signage was scarce and unhelpful, and Aka's limp body was about as unwieldy as something could physically be.
Finally, they found the shower blocks. The room was small, dimly-lit, and in a similar state of general disrepair to the rest of the station. It was covered in worn lilac tile, which spanned everything from the uneven, puddle-covered floor, to the unusually-low ceiling.
Apart from the six stalls that took up the lion's share of the space, the shower blocks contained a pair of full-body dryers, a small bench near the door, and a haphazard scattering of mirrors across the walls. In short, it was perfectly on-brand for Station Four.
'Ancestors, I thought places like this only exist in movies,' Horok thought as he looked around the room, his expression a mixture of shock and horror. 'This… this looks like a prison shower! Although, I guess, I am not here of my own free will, so it basically is a prison.
It was a good thing that Aka was too inebriated to even stand, as her head would have probably not cleared the dim lights hanging from above. As it was, however, it was fairly trivial to drag her into the nearest stall and prop her up into a sitting position against the wall.
"You get her sorted out, male," Isa barked, turning around to leave. "I am going to go shower once you're done with everything, so hurry up!"
With that, she exited the room, slamming the door behind her. Horok and Aka were now alone in the showers.
"And what a great help you are, cunt," Horok muttered as he turned to once again face the drunken officer.
Were the woman in a more fit state, this would have been a cause for great concern for the man. Though she was an officer and a noblewoman, and had generally been kind to him, there was something about being one-on-one with her in a room without video surveillance that made Horok uneasy.
'Apart from that one detail, that is basically the premise for the Grinshaw-spray ads, or the horror-stories dad used to tell me about what happened to some of his old college friends,' Horok realized with a start. 'If she was still a bit awake, I'd be pissing myself in fear right now.'
Aka's slumped-over form, however, did little to unnerve the man. If anything, it made him rather annoyed.
'What in the world am I going to do with you?' He pondered as he stood over her. 'How do Kai and Isa expect me, of all people, to get her drunk Tuskie ass undressed and showering?'
Before he even attempted to strip her, the man rotated Aka's head away from himself. "Last thing I need is for you to drain your guts on me," he muttered as he set about unbuttoning her coat, careful not to get any part of himself in front of her face. He'd learned the hard way that vomit was nearly impossible to get out of fur.
'Where did I go wrong?' Horok complained to himself. 'Here I am, tired, sore, covered in mud, freezing cold, and in a sketchy shower block, taking the mud-soaked bra off of an Imperial officer! And, at this rate, I'm going to throw my back from how much I'm having to pull her around to get her clothes off!'
'Her drinking was maybe a bit funny and kind of cute when she was on her first bottle,' Horok decided as he stepped away from her now-bare body, 'but it stopped being that when she couldn't stand up straight on her own. Now that she's drunk off her tits and passed out on the floor, it's really just frustrating.'
He pulled out the shower head and lodged it on one of the hooks on the door. It was not at all perfect, but it would spray Aka well enough.
The man turned the water up to the maximum heat and pressure and, doing his best to dodge the near-scalding stream, ducked out of the stall, slamming the door behind him. He paused for a second, listening for any sign of Aka waking, but only heard a louder snore. With a sigh of relief, he continued on.
Horok tossed the woman's clothes onto the bench before quickly stripping out of his own sodden gear. He tossed it next to the woman's, cringing at the thought of putting it back on after showering and drying himself off.
'But, honestly, who cares?' He thought as he swung open the door to an empty stall. 'Isa and Aka are both as dirty as me, and Kai can deal with it. Who am I trying to look pretty for?'
The man switched on the shower, setting it to a more reasonable heat and pressure level for himself. If he had really been trying to get the mud out of his fur, Horok would have cranked the pressure all the way up. Since he was going to have to don dirty clothes anyway, however, he figured that he'd rather set the water to a comfortable level.
The feeling of warm water hitting his fur and slowly spreading onto the skin below brought forth fond memories. It was almost exactly the same sensation he'd experience in the showers back home, or in Norilsk. The pressure was a bit inconsistent, and the water itself smelled faintly of sulfur, but it was good enough for him.
'If only I could have some shampoo and conditioner,' he wistfully thought. There were a few bottles of the stuff on the stall door, but they were very clearly marked Not Fur-Safe. He had made the mistake of using it once, when he'd only just entered basic training; his undercoat only fully grew back two months later.
Horok suddenly remembered that Isa was waiting for him, his abrupt realization cutting his reminisce session short. He quickly shut off the water, swung open the stall's door, and raced to the nearest drying station. As hot air began to blow all across his body, he shook himself off, sighing in satisfaction as the fluffiness returned to his fur.
He pulled on his clothes again, a look of disgust crossing his face as the wet, mud-drenched fabric came into contact with his body. 'At least my undercoat's dry now,' he tried to cheer himself up as he swung open the door to the hallway.
True to her word, Isa was standing in wait just outside. "Took you long enough, male," she spat, a sour expression on her face. "Here I was, freezing my ass off, 'cause you wanted to look like a pretty prince! Hurry the fuck up next time!"
"Maybe I would have been quicker, had you not left stripping the drunk bitch to me alone!" Horok retorted, without stopping to consider his words. He knew that this would not win him any favors with the Kortika woman, but he frankly didn't care. 'Not like there's anything I can do to make her tolerate me,' he figured.
To his surprise, Isa simply pushed past him with a huff, slamming the door behind her. Tail erratically flicking back and forth in confusion, Horok set off to find the mess hall.
Something had told him that meatless pippiyah meals were not going to be very edible. However, the other options of imitation seafood and reconstituted meat sausages seemed both less appealing and more unhealthy to the man, so he went with the option that at least seemed catered to Rakiri tastes.
As Horok attempted to choke down the last of the textureless greyish slab of "meat" masquerading as a pippiyah, he wished that he'd been a bit more adventurous and gone for one of the other options. It should have been a warning sign that every single Rakiri in the mess hall had gone for one of the other two meals, and that the soldiers behind him had cringed when he asked the disinterested Shil'vati male handing out the meals for a pippiyah.
He was midway through weighing the benefits of just throwing the remainder of his meal in the garbage against the prospect of going to bed hungry when a familiar voice interrupted his ruminations.
"Oh, hey, uh… Horok, buddy, I just wanted to thank you," Aka nervously said as she sat down next to him. "I really appreciate you, you know, not being weird about this whole thing."
The man looked over to see the Shil'vati, meal pack before her on the table, staring intently at her lap. Judging by her bloodshot, half-open eyes, hunched posture, and pained expression, she was rather hungover.
"What do you mean?" He inquired, pushing away his now-cold food. If it was barely edible hot, it was practically poison cold, having developed a rubbery texture and a mouthfeel that was somehow both dry and oily.
"Oh, you know, Isa said you got me undressed and under the shower spray," Aka replied, vaguely gesturing with one hand. "So, no offense, but thanks for not taking advantage or anything."
"Take advantage of you?" Horok chuffed. "Ancestors, the only thought on my mind was to make sure you didn't throw up on me; you were absolutely hammered!"
"Oh, but, I just thought that-" Aka stammered out, her face flushing a delightful shade of blue.
"That since I'm a Rakiri male who's yet to hit his teens, I'd be an absolute brainless horndog?" Horok finished her thought for her. The woman attempted to defend herself, but no words came out from her mouth.
"Let me tell you a little story," he continued, turning his full body to face her. "Back when I'd just hit my double digits, there was this one chick - I think her name was Naho - who was coming onto me pretty hard. One night, I snuck out of my house, got over to her place, and we went and did the deed in their toolshed."
"You're probably thinking, 'Why would a male be sneaking out to visit a female?', right?" Horok chuckled as he asked the rhetorical question. "Well, thing was, she was the captain of the trap shooting team, and she was a damn good shot. I think she scored an average of around 225, with a top score in the 240's. Considering that the top score is 252, you can get a picture of what kind of athlete she was."
Aka let out a low whistle. "Empress, you know you've made it as a woman when you can get a guy to sneak out for you! Let me guess, she have big tits, too?"
"Oh, yeah, she was absolutely stacked!" Horok smiled and mimed holding up a pair of breasts. "But, anyway, where was I? Right, the shed, now I remember!"
"So, I don't know how, but one of her moms must have forgotten a case of Red Grains in there; we found them while we were getting everything ready. Naho goes and decides to have one or two, to loosen up and be less nervous. Really quickly, though, one or two turns into five or six, and she is absolutely hammered."
"You know, it really disappointed me; this perfect representation of the Bad Girl personality, who's made varsity every semester since she's set foot in high school, needing to get drunk to quell her performance anxiety? It's what made me realize that performance on the hunt and with the cunt are not at all related."
Horok paused to take a sip of the drink that he'd gotten with his meal. It was a local beverage, called Romashka Herbal Tea. It was supposed to help with falling asleep; considering the fact that he'd have to go to sleep in the same room as the tantrum-prone Isa, he figured that he could use all the help he could get.
"Anyway, so, she is pretty wobbly at this point," he continued, the spark in his eyes and smirk on his face making it clear that he enjoyed telling this story. "I tell her that we should probably call it off and have another go when she's more sober, to which she refuses; says she can push through regardless. You know how stubborn drunk, horny chicks can be."
"So she climbs on top of me, starts bouncing, and it looks like everything is fine. Sure, she needs me to keep her aligned and all, but I can tell she's having a good time, and, frankly, so am I. But then, without warning, she cums, and in that same moment, she pukes her guts out on me."
Horok again paused, enjoying the sight of Aka's horrified expression. "What, you think I was too sheltered to do this stuff?" He chortled, before continuing.
"So, here I am, chest covered in puke, in a shed with a girl who's completely passed out. I do my best to scrape all of the gunk out of my fur, but there's only so much I can do. I figured I could get home, take a shower nice and early, and no-one would be any the wiser."
Horok's speech was speeding up now. Clearly, he was eager to get to the punchline of his story.
"So, I get home and wait for dawn to come around before jumping into the shower, so that I don't arouse suspicion. But, just one problem: the crap that got in my fur? It had congealed and dried by that point! It just wouldn't come out, no matter what I did!"
The man slapped his thigh as he burst into laughter. Aka, taking this as a sign that the story was being told for its comedic value, joined in.
Finally, Horok got his amusement under control with a long sigh and continued. "I had to come up with an alibi for why I had dried puke all over me, and why I was dead tired, right? I wasn't about to rat Naho out, since I wanted another chance with her, so what was I to do?"
"I leave the house, roll in a bit of dirt and roadside snow, and wait until I see the dining room window light up. That meant my dad, and only my dad, was up - it was the first day of Shel, so my moms and sisters were sleeping in, while he'd get up early to read the news. I give it a few minutes, to not seem suspicious, and then stagger into the house, doing my best to seem hungover."
"I went and told him this sob story," Horok shook his head side-to-side and smiled, "I said that this one girl, who I knew ran a still in the woods, sold me some sketchy moonshine. And, you know, I cried, and said that I didn't want her to get in trouble, and that I would take all the blame, and the works."
"So, even though I managed to avoid the worst of the punishment, it was still awful. Let me tell you, you haven't felt embarrassment until you've had your chit and data-slate taken away for a week, and the fur over your pecs shaved out! It took a month and a half to regrow, and in that time, I couldn't wear anything cute!"
"I did manage to get a few more rounds in with that chick, but we always were sober after that first time," Horok concluded as he stood up to leave. "Drunk girls? Never doing one again, not in a million years."

Sorry for the long time with no chapters. This drought may continue for a while longer, since I have a shitload of fencing and exams in this upcoming week. However, 7 and 8 are going to be really special, so I hope that will make it up to you guys. Once 8 comes out, you can expect Duelist to return from its hiatus, so you can mark your calendars for sometime in February, most likely.
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